Our Story

Castle Rock Neighbors (and the FB Group Neighbors End Racism) was created by Kathy Redmond, who is a local Castle Rock mother of a biracial child. When the murder of George Floyd galvanized people to rally around addressing racism and injustice, Redmond wanted to ensure that the momentum to end systemic racism was captured and sustained throughout the town of Castle Rock - a predominantly white, affluent community.

The N.E.R. group grew quickly to over 300 members from the community standing for racial justice - in less than a week - and Redmond was able to immediately start directing members of the group to form volunteer work groups! We are just at the very beginning of this journey, but our goal is to promote inclusivity, diversity, and amplify voices belonging to BIPOC in our community. 

Please note that this website was created 24 hours prior to our June 7th demonstration, so if you're seeing this now, know that we had little time, but have big plans to include a lot more content. Come back and visit our site again soon!